When you've selected a page key on the "pick pages" (search report) screen and indicated that you wish to pick values manually, Banner ePrint displays all of the valid values that you are authorized to see, according to the value-based security in place at your organization. (This page also appears if you have selected a specific value or a range of values, and then backtrack to the page key (Account, Department, etc.) section of the navigation bar.)

Depending on your security access and the number of valid values for the selected page key, there may be one, a few, or many pages of data. At the top of the page, the title bar will remind you of the selected key (for example, "Choose Account" if the page key is account). The information below will help you select the value(s) for the page key.

1. Select (click) the checkbox(es) next to the value(s) to appear on the report.

You may select as many values as you want. If you select a value in error, simply click again to deselect it. If there is more than one page of data, navigational buttons appear at the bottom of each page to help you move easily through the list, as shown below.

Previous Click the Previous button to return to the previous page of values.
Go To jump to a specific value in the list, key in a value and click the GO button.
Next Click the Next button to scroll to the next page of values.

When satisfied with your selection(s), click the "Get the Report" icon.

SummaryThis icon appears at the bottom of each page, so you do not have to scroll through all of the values in order to find it. After you select this icon, the validation page will appear. For more information on the validation page, see "Using the Validation Page".

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