The validation page shows the selected values for the selected page key for the report. It is designed as a final checkpoint to help ensure you are including the desired pages in the report before it is created. The title bar at the top of the page (for example, Selected Account Values) will remind you of the page key you used. Depending on your requirements, you will use one of the icons at the bottom of the values list to retrieve the report.

If satisfied with your selection(s), click PDF or one of the other download icons.

To retrieve the report pages in PDF:

PDFClick the PDF icon shown at left. The system will create and retrieve a PDF file containing the specific data you requested. Depending on the size of the file, this process may take a little time. If you discover that you have selected a report in error while the system is retrieving the PDF file, you can select the Stop button in your browser to prevent the transfer.

Typically, a status bar at the bottom of your browser window will track the downloading process, and a message will indicate when the download is complete. Adobe® Reader will open within the viewing area of your browser window, and the report will be displayed within that application. If using Microsoft® Internet Explorer, you may experience problems displaying PDF files within your browser. For information on running Adobe® Reader in a stand-alone capacity, see "Using Adobe® Reader in Stand-Alone Mode". For other tips on viewing and printing a report, see "Viewing and Printing a Banner ePrint Report".

To retrieve the report pages as a text or data file:

Text To download the report as a text (*.txt) or data (*.csv) file, use one of the download icons shown at left. Depending on the browser you are using, the procedure varies slightly. For more information, see "Downloading a Report as a Text or Data File".

To backtrack and change your selection(s), use the navigation bar.

You can easily change the selected values, but not on this page. Use the navigation bar near the top of the page to backtrack to any level of the report selection process to make the required corrections. For example, if you selected a range of values and then realize that you do not wish to include all of them, you can backtrack and deselect (remove) any of the selected values. For information on using the navigation bar, click here.

To save current settings for future use.

You can save the current setting, so they may be used at a future time. Enter an alpha-numeric identifier and click SAVE. You will now be able to reference this identifier from the Pick Pages page

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