In order to use Banner ePrint, you simply need a Banner account or an account on your organization's application system, an appropriate Internet browser and a free copy of Adobe® Reader. These three prerequisites are described below.

NOTE: The hardware and software requirements for system implementation and maintenance are documented separately in the Administrator help pages.


If you do not have a Banner account or a user ID and password for access to your organization's application system, please see your manager or system administrator. Your security access profile is linked to your username and password. ePrint will enable you to view and print only the reports and data to which you already have access.


ePrint supports the commonly used browsers. You may need to upgrade your Internet browser in order to run ePrint successfully.

Adobe® Reader

Adobe® Reader is a helper application that enables your browser to view, navigate and print documents in the Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF). Chances are, you already have Adobe® Reader installed on your computer. If not, you can get the latest version at the Adobe Systems Incorporated website. Simply follow the links to download this application to your computer. (Note that you do not need to download Adobe® Acrobat®, which is an application for creating PDF documents. Acrobat® is not a free application.)

After the file is downloaded, launch (double-click) the self-extracting file and follow the "wizard" to install the application. Whenever your browser encounters a PDF document, it will automatically start Adobe® Reader. The reports you will be viewing through ePrint will most likely be PDF documents, which will be displayed within the viewing area of your browser. (Adobe® Reader also can be run in a stand-alone capacity.)

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