NOTE: Before you can use Banner ePrint, you'll need an account on your organization's application system, an appropriate Internet browser and a free copy of Adobe® Reader. If you need more information about these prerequisites, see the "Before You Start..." topic.

You are presented with a list of Banner ePrint repositories which are using CAS authentication. Highlight the repository that you wish to view and click the ENTER button.

Select a repository.

Select an appropriate repository from the drop-down list provided. The repositories for your organization were defined during system setup. A repository is a set of reports, along with security data and other rules that will enable ePrint to access the data you'll need. Once you select a repository, you will not be able to change it unless you log out of the system and log in again.

Click the ENTER button.

Select the ENTER button after you have keyed in and selected the appropriate information. The highest level report selection page for the repository you selected will appear. See "Using the Repository List" for more information.

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