NOTE: This help page is not intended to replace Adobe® Reader's user documentation. To access that application's user guide, first open Adobe® Reader in a stand-alone capacity (outside of your browser). Then select Adobe Reader Help from the pull-down Help menu.

Using Bookmarks

The bookmark hierarchy in the navigation pane on the left-hand side of the page works like other graphical "trees." If there are bookmarks nested inside, the branch will be marked with a plus sign (+). Click on the plus sign to expand the branch and show the bookmarks at that level. If the branch is already expanded, it will be marked with a minus sign (-). Click on the minus sign to collapse the branch and hide the bookmarks from view.

When you select (click on) a bookmark, Adobe® Reader closes the navigation pane and scrolls to the bookmarked location in the PDF document. You may need to display the navigation pane again (for example, to use another bookmark). Use the "Show/Hide Navigation Pane" button in the toolbar to toggle the navigation pane on and off. For more information on viewing reports with page keys, see the "Viewing and Printing a Report" help topic..

Using the "Find" Button

You may need to locate specific information in a report that does not correspond to a page key, that is, information that is not bookmarked. To avoid scrolling from page to page visually searching for data, you can use the "Find" button on the toolbar. Key in a string of numbers or letters and click on "Find" to begin the search. To look for another occurrence of the same data, use the "Find Again" button.

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